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Welcome to Universeal Sealants


Welcome to Universeal Sealants

Universeal is a leading company in its field of technology, constantly engaged in the research for innovative products. Now, after extensive research and tests, a range of outstanding products that reach new boundaries has been borne.

Today Universeal’s quality is here to set new standards, with products that will clean, protect and enhance the walls and floors of airports, hotels, restaurants, company buildings and homes all over the globe; delivering advanced technology for the tile and stone industry for professional results.

Universeal offers value, quality and security; join in with our success and drive to be the best.

Micromesh technology...

Universeal Sealants has become the world’s 1st Sealant Company to formulate their products under the unique process of Micromesh Technology.

This innovative technology was founded in the USA over 15 years ago and has gone through stringent testing until now. Micromesh Technology is a secret process of blending polymers to achieve the strongest cross linked matrix to give the best performance and durability.

Unlike many competitor brands; Universeal’s solvent based impregnators can be applied instantly to damp surfaces, allowing for fast track application, saving down time and money. All Micromesh solvent-based formulas are covered with an industry first, 20 year protection against water and oil based staining.


For all aerosol, solvent and water based sealers & impregnators, it is advised to avoid common off-the-shelf household cleaning products, as these can contain harmful caustics and bleaches, which in turn will affect the performance and longevity of the Universeal Product. For regular cleaning and maintenance, it is recommended that Universeal 'Easy Clean' is used. For situations that more aggressive cleaning is needed, Universeal 'Extreme Clean' is recommended.